1- A patient with a suspected crush injury presents to the…

Question Answered step-by-step 1- A patient with a suspected crush injury presents to the… 1- A patient with a suspected crush injury presents to the emergency department complaining of increased pain and swelling in the affected extremity. What does an intracompartmental pressure reading of 40 mm Hg indicate?Group of answer choicesThere is no crush injury.The patient can be discharged because no further monitoring is warranted.An emergent fasciotomy is necessary.Further monitoring for compartment syndrome is needed.2- A patient develops a painful edematous left arm after treatment of a circumferential burn to that arm. Which intervention should be implemented until compartment syndrome has been ruled out?Group of answer choicesThe dressing should be removed from the arm.The arm should be raised above the level of the heart.A cold pack should be applied to the affected arm.Blood pressure in the affected arm should be checked.3-  A patient has a crush injury of the left arm. Compartment syndrome is suspected, and a hemodynamic pressure monitoring system is being set up for measurement of intracompartmental pressure of the arm. The air-fluid interface should be level with which anatomic site?Group of answer choicesLeft shoulderPhlebostatic axisMidaxillary lineInsertion site4- A patient whose right thigh was run over by a tractor presents to the emergency department. When the patient is properly positioned for measurement of intracompartmental pressure, the practitioner will be able to insert the needle in which way?Group of answer choicesInto the fractured bone endsThrough the infected tissueInto multiple compartment sites2 cm (¾ in) proximal to the compartment5- An adult patient presents to the emergency department with a painful swollen leg after being bitten by a snake. During the assessment of this patient, which parameter is most important to measure?Group of answer choicesR to R interval on the electrocardiogramPatient’s weight in kilogramsSnake’s weight in kilogramsBlood pressure and intracompartmental pressure6- Which is true regarding compartment syndrome in pediatric patients?Group of answer choicesThe fascial tissue in children is looser.The size of the compartment is relatively larger in children.Compartment syndrome may develop more slowly in children.Compartment syndrome may develop more rapidly in children.7- Which is true regarding compartment syndrome and fractured extremities?Group of answer choicesThe measurement should be taken when the broken extremity is elevated.The measurement site should be close to the fractured bone ends.The measurement should be taken in a location greater than 5 cm (2 in) from the fracture.The measurement should be taken within 5 cm (2 in) of the fracture8- What is the most appropriate action for the nurse to take just before the practitioner obtains an intracompartmental measurement?Group of answer choicesClean the selected insertion site with an antiseptic solutionClean the selected insertion site with soap and water.Remove dressings or casts.Tell the patient to tighten the muscles in the extremity being measured.9- What statement by the patient indicates an understanding of compartment syndrome?Group of answer choices”I should expect pain medication to alleviate my discomfort.””I should not feel pain with compartment syndrome.””I will not feel any tingling or weakness.””I will return for mottling or coldness in the extremity.”10- A patient presents to the emergency department with a fiberglass cast on the right arm. The patient is complaining of pain, numbness, and tingling in the arm. What step should be taken in preparation for measuring the compartment pressure in the patient’s extremity?Group of answer choicesLeave the cast on to contain the pressure.Cleanse the extremity.Take the cast off. Have the patient raise the arm. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 450 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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