1. Data standards are important for HIT to ensure ______________________.

Question 1. Data standards are important for HIT to ensure ______________________.2. _________________ technology makes it possible to create apps with complexity capable of supporting healthcare applications.  3. Categorize all items in the list into the following Telemedicine Communication Modes: Patient-portal Secure Messaging, Telephone, Audio-Video and None. – a. b. c. d. Synchronous Communication, real-time, easily accessible and inexpensive.  – a. b. c. d. Disease management, monitor patients at home or nursing home.  – a. b. c. d. Synchronous communication without an appointment to ask simple question from a doctor or gain clarification on instructions  – a. b. c. d. Maximum input from clinician in real-time, more personal  – a. b. c. d. Most suitable communication mode with out of state physician in lieu of in-person visit  – a. b. c. d. Most suitable communication mode for first time visit with primary care physician for physical exam  – a. b. c. d. Patient requested refill for prescribed medication  – a. b. c. d. Asynchronous communication to ask physician a question  – a. b. c. d. Most suitable communication mode for first time consultation with a therapist or a psychologist  – a. b. c. d. Attach images to ask a question from a physician a.Telephone b.None. c.Audio-Video d.Patient-portal Secure Messaging 4. Categorize the list below into the following categories: Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) literature limitations, CPG barriers and Neither. – a. b. c. Low yield of quality articles  – a. b. c. Subject matter experts physically meet to evaluate articles  – a. b. c. Inconclusive study results  – a. b. c. Practice setting / lack of incentive  – a. b. c. Too many available   – a. b. c. Pilot implementation  – a. b. c. Negative outcomes are not published  – a. b. c. Drug company influence  – a. b. c. Bias and poor design  – a. b. c. No summary and too many pages    Health Science Science Nursing HS 201 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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