1-Identify a problem or concern in New York state, or organization that has the capacity to be -advocated through legislation. 

Question Advocacy Through Legislation2-Research the issue/ COVID -19 and complete the sections below. State :NEW YORK.1-Identify a problem or concern in New York state, or organization that has the capacity to be -advocated through legislation. Problem: COVID-19Idea for Addressing Solution : outline your idea for addressing the issue and explain why legislation is the best course for advocacy.a- Evidence 1b- Evidence 23-Research the IssuePerform research and compile information for your idea. Present substantive evidence-based findings that support your idea for addressing the problem (studies, research, and reports). Include any similar legislation introduced or passed in other states.a- Evidence 1b- Evidence 24-Discuss the stakeholders who would support the proposed idea and explain why they would be in supporta-Stakeholder(s) Supporting 1b-Stakeholder(s) Supporting 26-Financial Incentives/CostsSummarize the financial impact for the issue and the idea (added costs, cost savings, increased revenue, etc.). Provided support.7-Legislature: Information Needed and Process for ProposalDiscuss the how to advocate for your proposal using legislation. Include the following:a-Provide the name and complete contact information for the legislator.b-Describe the steps for how you would present this to your legislator.c-Outline the process if your legislator chooses to introduce your idea as a bill to congress.8-Christian Principles and Nursing AdvocacyDiscuss how principles of a Christian worldview lend support to legislative advocacy in health care without bias. Be specific as to how these principles help advocate for inclusiveness and positive health outcomes for all populations, including those more vulnerable, without regard to gender, sexual orientation, culture, race, religion/belief, etcProvide references. Health Science Science Nursing NRS 440VN-OL19 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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