1. In value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance systems, which incentive is financial?

Question Answered step-by-step 1. In value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance systems, which… 1. In value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance systems, which incentive is financial?A. Public report cardsB. Public recognitionC. Higher fee scheduleD. Commendations 2. Attribution is the determination of who rendered care so that the care’s outcomes can be linked to its provider and that provider receives the reward or penalty. Another term for attribution is assignment.TrueFalse 3. Within the Medicare’s VBP framework improving efficiency meansA. Providing more treatments and services to patients.B. Reducing the cost to treat each beneficiary.C. Improving quality scores.D. Improving operations to treat more patients. 4. In the healthcare sector, why are incremental implementations of value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance systems preferable to full-scale implementations?A. Providers have little time to find fault and complain.B. Pilot projects are impractical.C. Sponsors can evaluate policies and procedures.D. Measures can remain untested. 5. The Hospital-Acquired Conditions Present on Admission (POA) Program designates diagnosis and procedures that are considered preventable in the outpatient setting.TrueFalse  Health Science Science Nursing HPM 123 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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