1.   Which statement concerning nonverbal communication is true 

Question Answered step-by-step 1. Which statement concerning nonverbal communication is true a. It… 1.   Which statement concerning nonverbal communication is true  a.   It is constant across cultures b.   It is given more credence than verbal communication when two are incongruent c.   It should be minimized because it confuse the receiver regarding the true intent of the message d.   It is a significant part of the communication only when it is not congruent with the verbal exchange  2.   You overhear an experience nurses say a new nurse, sorry you won’t be able to join us for our weekly get-together a the local yogurt shop. I see you are going to be here charting for a while yet. what is an example of  a.  Behavior that supports that positive sanctions b.  An application of sanction regarding group norms c.  Constructive feedback about expected group norms d.   Role modeling desired behavior  3.   An RN is a team leader for a small module of patient while listening to a taperecorded report on mr. smith, one of your team members remarks, “my mother lives near him and she say his Wife is a terrible housekeeper.” As the leader of the team, what will the RN do?  a.     As the informant to be quiet b.     Include the information in report for the next shift c.    Ask the team member what the purpose was in sharing the information D) ignore the comment  4.   Which statement accurately defines intrinsic motivation? a.   Motivation that is directly related to a person internal level of aspiration b.   Motivation that is enhanced by the job environmental conditions c.  Motivation that is not shaped by personal values d.  Motivation that is not related to achievement  5.   What dose the good manage have to remember about creating a daily list  a.    It should remain change once initial planning is completed b.   It is a planning tool, and thus must have in its implementation c.   It should include the planner’s  short term intermediate and long-term goals d.   It should be high structured thus dressing the possibility of procrastination  6.   Which statement is true regarding depiction of staff position on an organizational chart?  a.  They are depicted as unbroken line b.   They are represented by double dotted linesc.    They are shown as a solid, vertical line d.   They are identified with a dotted line  7.    What dose the Hawthorne effect implied about people?  a.    Human beings under investigation will respond to the fact that they are being studied b.    Production will increase or decrease as light in a factory is increased or decreased c.   Membership in small groups forms social control d. People are inherently good and will seek out work  8.   What influences  the quality of a decision most often  a.  Decision maker’s immediate superiorb.   The type of decision that needs to be madec.    Questions ask and alternative generated d.     The time of  day the decision is made  9.   Which statement is true regarding career planning?   a.     It is the employer’s responsibility  b.    It results in spontaneous assessment of goals c.     It requires the development of a long-term plan d.  Functions best when the planning is episodic in nature  10.  What dose the term unity of command mean a.   The number of individuals directly reporting to a manager b.   Having a limited number of top-level managers c.   Each employee having only one boss d.    A flexible structure that encourages participative  decision making  Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4455 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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