Question3. REPORT/ESSAYSTUDENT INSTRUCTIONS You are required to write an essay/report as outlined in the assessment instruction and criteria. It is important to ensure you read all aspects of the assessment topics and discuss any areas that require clarification with your assessor. Where there is a word limit it is important to be aware of this parameter although regardless of the word count all criteria must be covered to the required standard. Assessment 3 – ReportUNIT/S OF COMPETENCY – Code  CHCCCS025 Title Support Relationships with carers and familiesStudent Name    Student Number   Student Signature    Assessment Date  Report/Essay Overview:You will be provided with four (4) case notes giving details of a client and their carer or family.  You are required to: Produce a written report for the client, assessing their needs and the needs of their carer or family, and explain how you would respond in a real-life situation (making sure you comply with the assessment criteria set out below).Use strength-based solutions to respond to both routine and unpredictable problems within care relationships.Within the report / essay, the student is required to satisfactorily address the key criteria and cover the required information.Report / Essay Criteria Assessment Criteria ü Assessor Comments*Assessor to tick criteria that is satisfactorily covered R1.  Identify the support team – Case Study A Identify the primary carer    Identify ways in which the carer carries out their role    Determine what to do in accordance with carer or family wishes    Identify skills of the carer or family    Involve the carer or family in the delivery of support services    R2.  Assess and respond to changes needed – Case Study B Identify changes to the care relationship    Outline strategies which are useful to support persons through a transition    Explain how to support a carer’s wishes    R3.  Monitor well-being – Case Study C and D Respect confidentiality and privacy    Identify the need for services for persons    Identify impact on health and wellbeing of carer    Identify services which can be provided    Identify what the services provided are helping with    Assessor Feedback Assessor note: Please ensure all above criteria have been met to a satisfactory standard. Where not, additional evidence must be obtained and recorded to meet assessment criteria.  All additional evidence must be clearly documented.Assessor Name  Assessor Signature   Date  Assessment Task Result (Please tick appropriate Assessment Result)                 MR ?                 FER ?Marking Scheme Competency based   ?                               Competent + grading/mark   ?                                CASE NOTES – Louise  Name: Louise  Age: 18 years oldCarer: Mother – Kelly NOTES:Louise suffers from cerebral palsy and has been highly dependent on her family all her life – particularly her mother, Kelly.Kelly has been her full-time carer all of Louise’s life, and since she has no other children, the relationship is equally dependentKelly has expressed her sadness at spending less time with Louise As an effect of her cerebral palsy, Louise finds it difficult to communicate with others – her spoken communication is fairly limited.It can be difficult to understand Louise, and, in most situations, Kelly will translate to others what others are trying to say. Kelly is concerned about not being around if Louise has a muscle spasm.  This does not happen often, but when it does, Louise will be in a lot of pain.   Because of the pain, Louise can then become angry and disengaged with people around her.  This makes it difficult to care for her.Kelly knows how to handle the situation and calm her down as best as possible.Kelly is fully supportive of her desire to have more independence and meet new people but needs the following from support staff: Support staff must provide Kelly with a summary of how Louise has got on during the day – either by phone call or text messageLouise is not to be taken anywhere without her permission Support required Since turning 18, Louise has expressed her interest in independence and experiences outside of her family unit.Louise would like to meet new people and join groups.An understanding of what calms Louise down if she has a muscles spasm – as it is a painful experience for her – Kelly, her mother is able to helpUnderstanding spoken communication – at the moment, Kelly understands her and translates for her. Robert is Louise’s support worker and, one day, he takes Louise to a creativity class.  There are opportunities for Louise to meet other people in this class as well as engage in creative subjects such as painting and listening to music.  During the class, Robert notices that Louise takes an interest in the paint equipment, and when practising this, she really enjoys it.After the session, Robert makes a follow-up phone call to Louise’s mother (as per her request), and suggests that it might be a good idea to introduce painting into Louise’s home life as a hobby – this will give Kelly an opportunity to see how much she enjoys this , and for her to become involved in it as well.     CASE NOTES – Daniel   Name: Daniel Age: 65 years oldCarer: Daughter – JoanneNOTES:Daniel suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Since his diagnosis, he has been cared for by his daughter, Joanne. However, since his condition has worsened, Daniel recognises Joanne less frequently, and when she tries to help him to carry out daily tasks, he has begun to express anger and has been verbally abusive.Support requiredDue to the change in Daniel’s personality, Joanne no longer feels capable of caring for her father full-time and requires consistent, professional help – moved to a supported residential setting.A routine for Daniel to help him remember visits with his daughter. As a result of moving Daniel to a supported residential setting, Daniel and Joanne will be spend less time together.Joanne wants to put a routine in place regarding her visits. The main reason she is doing this it to provide Daniel with consistency in the hope that he will remember when she is coming to visit. The key thing that Joanne wants to prevent from happening is her father forgetting who she is completely, and whilst this is a possibility, she believes that consistency will prolong his memory.             CASE NOTES – Cheryl  Name: CherylAge: 41 years oldCarer: Husband – TomNOTES:Cheryl and Tom have been married for 10 years. Cheryl’s sight has been deteriorating for some time but has recently declined significantly. One support worker has been spending an hour or two per day with Cheryl to run errands while Tom is working.  Since the decline in eyesight, it has been decided by both Tom and Cheryl that she will require a support worker present all day whilst Tom is working. Support requiredAs per Tom and Cheryl’s request, Cheryl will need to have full-time care while Tom is working.Two support are assigned to Cheryl to help her with errands and daily living tasks. When you are leaving, Cheryl and Tom’s house one day, Tom comes to speak to you. He is finding the increasing care demands of Cheryl difficult, and he expresses that he sometimes wonders whether the reason he remains in the marriage is because of Cheryl’s dependence on him. He tells you that he misses how their relationship used to be, and he feels as though he has lost his wife. As a result of this, as well as the increasing demands of Cheryl’s care, Tom says that he feels very lonely, and is unable to spend much time with his friends, making him feel isolated from the outside world.              CASE NOTES – Lorna  Name: LornaAge: 72 years oldCarer: Granddaughter – SuzieNOTES: Suzie acts as carer for her grandmother, Lorna. Lorna is fit and healthy, but, due to old age, she often doesn’t have the energy, or the resources, to carry out general tasks, such as grocery shopping and household maintenance, i.e. gardening.For most things, such as grocery shopping, Suzie is able to fully support Lorna; she does her a weekly food shop, and she visits every two days to ensure that Lorna has everything that she needs. Suzie also takes Lorna to visit family and/or friends at least once a week to ensure that she is engaging with other people.Support RequiredLorna requires assistance to help her with household maintenance (including gardening) and grocery shopping. Lorna confides in you that because Suzie is busy and has her own life, Lorna often feels guilty asking for more help than she already gives. They have a very close relationship, and this means that Lorna doesn’t want to become a burden, and fears that asking for more help will result in Suzie no longer enjoying to spend time with her. Sometimes, during the weekly food shop, Suzie buys ingredients that Lorna is unfamiliar with. Because Lorna doesn’t want to bother her or seem unappreciative, Lorna will occasionally go without an evening meal, as she doesn’t know how to use the ingredients to put together a meal. Health ScienceScienceNursingALLIED HEALTH ASSISTANCE CHCCCS025Share Question

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