_____________. is a state of deficient intake of nutrients due to…

Question Answered _____________. is a state of deficient intake of nutrients due to… _____________. is a state of deficient intake of nutrients due to either inadequate consumption or problems with digestion, absorption, or distribution of nutrients which results in weight loss and muscle wasting.Starvation (marasmus):Protein deprivation (kwashiorkor):______________. is a state of ______________. consumption of nutrients, due either to excessive consumption of either calories, vitamins, or minerals.Malabsorption occurs when there is a lack of movement of nutrients across the ____________.. It may be caused by problems with processing or digesting nutrients, by problems with moving across the intestinal mucosa, or by lymphatic obstruction.Food allergy refers to ___________.adverse reactions to foods. This type of allergy typically causes swelling, shortness of breath, hives, and other upper airway complications associated with severe hypersensitivity reactions.The manifestations of altered nutrition typically reflect the underlying cause of the alteration and may include: (list 4)A._____B._____C._____D._____Diagnostic tests may be used to evaluate the cause of the nutritional alteration. These tests may include measurement of height, weight, and BMI, or may involve laboratory tests such as complete blood count, sedimentation rate, serum electrolytes, or urinalysis.Treatment typically focuses on eliminating the alteration, either by supplementing missing vitamins or minerals, or by reducing intake. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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