Answer questions Which of the following tests should the nurse practitioner order for HIV confirmation

Answer the fallowing question please.

Question 1

Which of the following tests should the nurse practitioner order for HIV confirmation?



3.Western blot

4.CD4 count

Question 2

Which one of the following is the definition of the term gender identity?

1.People who respond erotically to both sexes

2 . A self-label, regardless of biologic or natal sex

3. People who are similar in age, class, and sexual status

4. A label for behavior not usually associated with one’s natal sex

Question 3

Which one of the following is not among the ways clinicians can provide a welcoming, safe environment for LBQT patients?

1. Avoid the heterosexual assumption by using gender-neutral language.

2. Explain whether and how information will be documented in the patient’s medical record.

3. Ignore the sexual status or gender identity of all patients.

4.Offer mainstream referrals that are culturally sensitive to this population.

Question 4

The factors that enable women to enjoy and control their sexual and reproductive lives, including a physical and emotional state of well-being and the quality of sexual and other close relationships, make up a woman’s:

1.sexual health

2.gender identity

3.gender role behaviors

4.psychosocial orientation

Question 5

The nurse practitioner may include any of the following methods when managing sexual arousal disorders in women.

  • treatments that decrease blood flow to the genital tissues.
  • the use of vaginal lubricants to increase stimulation.
  • localized estrogen therapy.
  • use of the Eros-CTD, a clitoral therapy device.

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