Marketing PresentationAssignment Overview

Throughout your career, you will need to clearly explain what sport psychology is, what services can be provided, and the benefits it provides to coaches, teams, and athletes. There are different types of practitioners that provide sport performance enhancement services, so it is easy for consumers to be confused about what sport psychology includes and how it works. Therefore, it will be important for you to be able to articulate your services and your approach to potential clients.

In this assignment, you will create a marketing presentation for a sports team called the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs team will be the case study used throughout the course. The purpose of this assignment is to explain sport psychology and your services (as either a performance enhancement consultant or a sport psychologist) to the coach and team.

Bulldogs Case Study: You have been contacted by a local coach who is interested in learning more about the services you provide. The Bulldogs team is diverse in its population. The coach has asked you to come and present a case for how sport psychology can help the team. The coach has heard about sport psychology but has never worked with a consultant before. The coach would like to know how it could specifically help the team perform at a higher level.Assignment Directions

Construct a creative marketing PowerPoint presentation that you could use to educate the Bulldogs team about the effectiveness of sport psychology and about how you conduct your work. Attempt to make this presentation positive and exciting to help you gain entry and build interest with a team who is potentially attracted and willing to pay for your services. You will have approximately 30 minutes to showcase your presentation. Please make sure to read, “Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” in the Resources.  Please also review the scoring rubric for this assignment to see how you will be graded.

Your presentation should:Be creative and tailored for the potential client to show benefits of sport psychology.Incorporate examples of appropriate services that a sport psychologist or performance enhancement consultant provides for clients.Differentiate performance enhancement interventions from other counseling interventions.Slide Requirements:All information—verbal, visual, audible—follows a logical sequence and is appropriate to the purpose.Font size is large (at least 24 point), simple, and easily readable.Each slide has no more than six points or six lines of text.Lines are appropriately bulleted or numbered.Lines are clear and succinct; no paragraphs.Only one topic per slide.All pictures, graphs, charts, figures, and images are essential to the purpose.Only 1–3 images per slide.Use one transition style for all slides.Use up to three effects for bulleted text.Use the same background consistently for all slides.Background and letter colors appropriately contrast; letters are easily readable against the background.All information is neatly formatted and not crowded with ample room around borders and illustrations.Assignment RequirementsWritten communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA current edition style and formatting.Font size: At least 24 point of a simple, easily readable font.Number of slides: There is no requirement for the length of your PowerPoint presentation but please make sure to cover all the criteria referenced in the scoring rubric for this assignment.


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