Band Loop on Lower Extremity Muscle Activity Corrective Exercise Case Study

Tom is a 36 year-old businessman that likes to compete in outdoor, high-intensity fitness events every few months. Between the events, he performs workouts with a mix of strength and cardiovascular training 4-5 days per week. Tom recently went to a physical therapist because he was experiencing discomfort in both knees when he ran or performed lunges and squats. The physical therapist discovered weakness in his hips’ abductors and external rotators. The physical therapist discharged Tom and sent him to you to strengthen those muscle groups.

For your assignment, explain the benefit of placing a resistance band around Tom’s lower thighs while he performs a squat. Which hip muscles does the band activate that aren’t normally activated with a regular, bandless squat? Why is it important to have Tom perform the band squat slowly at first?

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