Billy is a quadriplegic and lives in residential care. He spent…

Question Answered Billy is a quadriplegic and lives in residential care. He spent… Billy is a quadriplegic and lives in residential care. He spent several days with bed sores on his buttocks. Due to his condition he was not able to verbally communicate his levels of pain and symptoms, which included redness, rashes and broken skin. Billy is meant to be fully examined for bedsores and other lesions every day. After 4 days, a new worker raised concerns to management however they decided it was best to wait until the next day to provide treatment.a)      Explain what type of abuse occurred here and the signs and indicators of such abuse. Explain how the staff did not exercise their duty of care.  Jaycee is 72 and lives in a residential care facility. She is in care due to a range of physical disabilities and illnesses that have left her husband and family unable to care for her. Her husband, her son (Kellan) and his wife often come to visit her, usually every weekend. They spend lots of time with her and it is clear they care deeply for her wellbeing. Jaycee loves their visits and her spirits are always high when she knows it is the weekend and her family are coming. Jaycee has another son, Warwick, who visits her sporadically. He never stays long and rarely asks the care team about her health or how she is going. You can tell by Jaycee’s body language and the tension between the two that the relationship is strained. Jaycee does not discuss Warwick much, and you can see that she is relieved when he leaves. Jaycee’s husband passes away suddenly from a heart attack. Jaycee’s son and daughter-in-law are busy sorting out the family home, packing up items and supporting their own children through the grief of losing a grandparent.Suddenly Warwick’s visits to his mother increase. He is coming several times a week. Kellan mentions that he is concerned with Warwick’s sudden interest in his mother – there have been arguments over money since their father passed away. He asks you, as one of Jaycee’s carers, to mention his concerns to the team as he has his suspicions on Warwick’s true intentions.One day, you are passing by Jaycee’s room and hear Warwick talking rapidly to Jaycee. You can tell by his tone of voice that he is being persuasive and pushy. You backtrack and enter the room to ask Jaycee if she would like a cup of tea or if she needs anything. She looks uncomfortable and says no, she is fine.Later that afternoon Jaycee tells you that Warwick is trying to get her to transfer the family home to him rather then Kellan and his wife, who already have their own home. Jaycee does not want to do but he is being very forceful and says he will keep coming to visit her until she gives in. She is scared to tell Kellan because the family is going through so much right now. b)     Explain what type of abuse is occurring here and the signs and indicators of such abuse. As a carer, what would be your duty of care and would mandatory reporting be required (consider your own state or territory).  Health Science Science Nursing CHC DIV001 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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