Case 3: Mrs. Martin Mrs. Martin, 80 year old woman, has had…

Question Answered Case 3: Mrs. Martin Mrs. Martin, 80 year old woman, has had… Case 3: Mrs. MartinMrs. Martin, 80 year old woman, has had arthritis for a number of years but it seems to be getting progressively worse. She also has macular degeneration that is causing her to have increasing difficulty seeing. One eye is almost completely without vision and her doctor tells her the other is only at about 25%. At the same time, Mrs. Martin is still very alert, engaged and enjoys living in her own home where she can tend her gardens and has the companion of her two cats. She has lived there since she was married 60 years ago and alone since her husband died five years ago. She has one son who lives across the country. He is very concerned about her living alone and has tried to get her to move to California. However, Mrs. Martin knows her own home and does not want to leave the few friends and church she has here. At the same time she is concerned that if her eyesight decreases and her arthritis gets worse she will be forced into a nursing home. Mrs. Martin takes medication for her macular degeneration and pain medication if her arthritis flares up. She often needs help with buttons and zippers due to her arthritis. Cooking has become increasingly difficult due to her vision impairment. QuestionWhat is Mrs. Martin’s situation?What effect could her diagnosis and her condition have on your recommendations about care options?What role does the patient’s wishes play in recommendations?What about those concerns of her son? Are they considered?Where does Mrs. Martin fall in the care continuum model?What are all the options for helping Mrs. Martin? Health Science Science Nursing HCA 405 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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