Case Scenario 1. You are caring for patient Joyce Andrews, an…

Question Answered step-by-step Case Scenario 1. You are caring for patient Joyce Andrews, an… Case Scenario 1. You are caring for patient Joyce Andrews, an 18-year-old, female patient who was admitted in the Surgery Ward after she got involved in Motor vehicular crash. Upon assessment, the patient is weak, unresponsive, and always asleep. It has been hours since her admission but still she still was not awoken. Questions:1.      You wanted to assess the level of consciousness of the patient. What specific test are you going to perform? Include the definition and how it is being scored in terms of its clinical indicators. 2.      Upon performing the test, you have noticed that upon light introduction using a penlight, you have noticed that there is unequal pupillary dilation. How are you going to document this one? What could be a possible reason why the patient is manifesting this sign. Include a brief discussion about the occurrence of such.3.      The Mother, Aling Bebang does not want Joyce to undergo Neurologic Assessment, how are you going to convince her about the benefits of the test? You may include concepts of therapeutic communication in your explanation. Case scenario 2You are caring for Patient Matias Fernando, a 63-year-old, male patient who was admitted in the Emergency Unit after he suddenly fell on the ground due to left-sided body weakness. The Doctor had suspected that the patient experienced Cerebrovascular Accident or Stroke. In order to fully appraise the status of the patient, the Doctor instructed you, the nurse, to conduct a comprehensive Neurological Assessment. Questions1.      The Significant Other overheard the Doctor’s instruction to you and asked what is a Neurological Assessment. With the use of the existing knowledge on Neurological Assessment, how are you going to explain this to the significant other including its composition and benefits? 2.      After a few whiles, you have noticed that the patient is experiencing a suddenly deteriorating level of consciousness. Which of the following assessment/scoring are you going to objectively appraise the health status of the patient? Include in the discussion how it is scored including its interpretation. 3.      As soon as the significant other have known about the patient’s status, she became more worried and is worried that performing assessment might cause more harm and opted to delay the planned neurologic exam to the patient. How are you going to therapeutically deal with the significant other? Should the benefit of performing the assessment override her worries? Explain comprehensively the answer.  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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