Chapter 4, Evidence-Based Practice

Question Answered step-by-step Chapter 4, Evidence-Based Practice Discussion Topics Learning… Chapter 4, Evidence-Based Practice Discussion TopicsLearning Objective1. When talking to a friend, she reveals to you that she has been taking an over-the-counter herb to help treat depression, and she feels as if it is working for her.What are your personal beliefs about unproved treatments?Would you use a treatment or therapy that was not scientifically proven?5, 62. Two nurses are having a debate as to whether evidence-based care or pseudoscience should primarily be used in mental health care.Compare and contrast evidence-based care and pseudoscience.3, 53. Health information based on pseudoscience, myths, and quackery is often advertised in the media.Describe an example of a product seen on the television or heard about on the radio that suggests the possibility of quackery or fraud. 64.  You have been chosen to do a presentation for the mental health nursing class on evidence-based practice.Explain the importance of the psychiatric nurse using evidence-based practice in caring for the mental health client.What is the difference between evidence-based practice (EBP) and empirically supported treatments (ESTs)?7  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING RN INTRODUCTI Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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