Chasing Zero Reflection Please use the following QSEN link to view…

Question Answered step-by-step Chasing Zero Reflection Please use the following QSEN link to view… Chasing Zero ReflectionPlease use the following QSEN link to view the video, Chasing Zero      After reviewing the video “Chasing Zero”, highlight one story that resonates with you and why?2.     There were several medication safety errors highlighted in the video. In one case, an incorrect dose of heparin injectable was administered twice to Dennis Quaids’ infants. a.     Consider what you know about medication safety, how could this error be prevented? What are the steps in the medication administration process that were missed allowing for this error to occur? b.     What is the role of the professional nurse if they administer a medication in error?c.     What are the adverse effects associated with the drug Heparin? What would the nurse assess for in caring for a patient who is receiving heparin therapy? d.     What drug is the antidote of heparin? 3.     Julie Thao, RN, is a registered nurse who administered medication in error to a patient who was going to have a baby. Julie administered the incorrect medication and the patient suffered a respiratory and cardiac arrest. How could this medication error be prevented? 4.     How will the outcome of that story impact your practice as a professional nurse? Health Science Science Nursing NUR 301 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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