Choose a disease covered in “popular press” (news) or current…

Question Answered step-by-step Choose a disease covered in “popular press” (news) or current… Choose a disease covered in “popular press” (news) or current events from the past three years that has impacted your community or population health. Based on your knowledge of the pathophysiology of this disease process address the following:Thoroughly explain the epidemiology of the disease process. Examine each of the following three elements: 1.) The cultural; 2.) The financial; and 3.) The environmental implications related to this disease process. Support all three with a scholarly source! What would 3-5 priority nursing interventions be for the client with this disease process? This can include labs and diagnostics. What are critical indicators? Support with a scholarly source.Provide three areas of patient education you feel are critical to teach the client with a diagnosis of this disease. Consider medical product safety and the length of time the client has had the disease. Support with a scholarly source.What members of the interdisciplinary team need to be included for holistic patient-centered care? Provide a rationale and Support with a scholarly source. Health Science Science Nursing NSG 3300 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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