Cultural Autobiography


The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate recognition of your own cultural background and how your worldview has been shaped by your family, role models and life experiences. This autobiography will help you express an appreciation for your own cultural identity and discover potential areas of development.

Begin by defining individuals that you consider family members. This includes, for example, parents or guardians, siblings and/or grandparents. Important information about these individuals includes places of birth, travel (if any), age, spiritual/religious beliefs, occupation, educational history, ethnicity, birth order, etc. In this description include the cultural heritage each individual and summarize the belief system of your family in general, including specific family values, religious and cultural practices, ceremonies, beliefs, and holiday celebrations. If possible, interview these individuals in an effort to gain new insight into your cultural heritage.

Next critically evaluate experiences in which you feel have had significant relevance in your multicultural development. Include both positive and negative experiences if applicable.

After taking a look at these influencing factors, critically examine and discuss who you are as a cultural being, including your racial identity. Think about your own development, functioning, values, behaviors and worldview and how you feel your family history, chosen role models, and experiences have shaped you. Describe how your life would be different had these cultural influences not been there. Be sure to include a description of interpersonal expectations for yourself and lifestyle choices. Finally, having taken a close look at your cultural autobiography, include potential biases which may influence how you interact with others. This could include, for example, favoring individuals of your own heritage or unconscious biases towards a certain cultural group.

Be sure to address each topic listed above and, as appropriate, cite the online course, the textbook, and other credible sources to substantiate the points you are making. For example, when discussing your racial identity please cite sources which you have referenced to better understand what this term means or use the text or lecture to substantiate points you are making about how gender has influenced your cultural development.

This paper should be approximately 4-6 pages and is due on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.




On my moms side I am  Irish Scottish and Slovak

My moms side is very strict catholic we fully embrace the Irish culture where we celebrate both life and death

My grandmother is a retired caretaker and homemaker she has

Grandfather deceased

Teresa 52 , (my mom) some college

My four aunts are as follows

MaryJo 51 homemaker

Angie 50, graduated with a teaching degree

Jacki42, graduated with a nursing degree

Crystal 39 some college

On my dads side I am irish,Scottish,german, Lithuanian,English

Grandmother Marie 76, owns excavating business and several rental properties

Grandfather James Sr. retired penndot driver owns excavating business and several rental properties

James jr. (my dad)52 disability

My aunts

Wanda 50, owns real estate business

Liz 49, retired bus driver and half owner of DT Computers

Linda 45, owns her own pet spa business


Both sides of my family is very big on family and work ethics

I have lots of cousins on both sides and we celebrate all holidays


I myself am 32, I have a nursing assistant license and a full time student going almost completed my bachelors in psychology and working towards my doctoral in psychology

I have 6 daughters

Alexia 15 ½

Morgan 15

Kaylee 12 ½

Brooklyn 10

Skyler 9

Payton 7

All students

My husband Dave is 33 and is a operator/supervisor at a steel mill in Butler PA

We have been together almost 14yrs and married a almost 11 years

Although my husband and I are not strict Catholics we are more relaxed religious wise

And though my family believe in both marriage and divorce I do not fully believe in divorce

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