Developmental Psychology short answer test 4 questions apa style

Some of your responses may require additional academic support beyond the textbook, scholarly 

sources are books, peer reviewed journals, and scholarly websites: examples 

.gov, .edu, .org, examples (National Institute of Mental Health,, WEBMD, 

(MayoClinic) –

Please include your references

1.(worth 5 points) Explain some health and physical conditions of young adulthood explain some 

genetic influences, behavioral, and other influences that directly and indirectly affect health in 

young adults. 

2.(worth 5points) Explain Sternberg’s triangular theory of love and how does this affect the 

young adulthood stage of development. (give outside academic support-reference)

and the different patterns of loving. 

3. (worth 5 points) Explain some Physical, Medical and Cognitive Development in the Middle 

Adulthood Stage. Also explain some changes in sexuality between males and females. 

4. (worth 5 points) Explain the MidLife Crisis in this stage of development Generativity vs. 

Stagnation and explain the factors of adjusting psychologically. 

Explain the empty nest, revolving door syndrome, and the sandwich generation. 

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