disc Sexual Orientation due today at 6 pm

First posting : Do you think sexual orientation is based on nature (genetics, brain, biology) or nurture (learning, experience, upbringing) or both? Give some information from the textbook, from something else you have read, and/or from your own observations that lead you to this conclusion. This posting should be at least 5 sentences long. (do not have txt book so justsay what do u know)

Postings #2 & #3:

Respond to what two other students in the class have said, in separate postings as always.,These postings should each be about 3 sentences long. (As always you can respond to more than two students but that is optional.)

In responding to students in class you could, for example, state why you agree or disagree with what they have posted; ask them a question about what they said; or state how you have experienced or observed os similar or different from theirs.  Make a substantial comment; do not just say I ” agree” or “disagree” or  “good comment!

Student 1 I do  believe that sexual orientation is based on nature its based on genetics, brain, and biology.  I also believe that you can become straight or become gay from learning, experience or upbringing.  I am a lesbian and I feel that this was just the way I was born. I didn’t just say, “I saw a lesbian couple and I want to be like them.  The book does state that evidence exists that gay male and lesbian sexual orientation run in families and I agree to a certain extent(271).  I do believe that if a female or male grows up with that around them they are more likely to follow in that path and that comes from nurture.  Being straight or being gay is just something that you choose its something that your comfortable in your own skin with.    Student 2  I believe sexual orientation is based on nature based upon my personal experiences. I have one friend who is a homosexual and two guys I went to high school and played sports my whole life with who are homosexual. My one friend and even on of the guys I went to high school with, were brought up by great parents. The father and mother would get them involved in sports, buy them really nice men’s clothing, and keep them on tract on being a man. When the parents started to hint that their son may be gay, the kept trying to do things for him to be more social towards girls and even set them up on dates with their friends daughters. As well as keep on encouraging them to take girls on dates. Both stories are very similar, however they both admitted that they were homosexual in their first year of college and are actually dating now. 


The one guy I have not spoken about yet. admitted his homosexuality during a “Project About Me” presentation in health class senior year. He told the class how at a young age he knew he was a homosexual. His parents as well knew he had homosexual behaviors and tendencies so they would actually beat him just because of the fact he was gay. They literally beat him two to three times a week, trying to get it out of him and turn him straight. They forced him to play football, was not aloud to bring boys over, and had to speak like a man and not so feminine. That did not change a thing. They finally gave up and realized that this is their son and nothing they can do to change who he is. Because of these two stories I have shared, I believe no matter how you bring up your children, their sexual orientation comes from nature. There is nothing we can do to change that in someone. 

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