explain to health workers health and safety information document,…

Question explain to health workers health and safety information document,… explain to health workers health and safety information document, including simple procedures, which can be distributed to all employees to educate them about the issues.You work in a community service agency have just been appointed the health and safety representative (HSR). The organisation has not previously placed much focus on health and safety. You have just completed a due diligence and have discovered that workers:are not adhering to workplace policies and procedures for safe work practicesdo not know how to identify hazards including:any client-related risk factors or behaviours of concernmanual handling hazardsrisks of infectiondo not know how to correctly report incidents to designated personsare unsure of what health and safety records must be kept or how to fill them outdo not know how to apply control measuresare not using the correct manual handling proceduresare not following precautions to prevent the spread of infectionare not recognising and applying additional precautions to prevent infectionhave not participated in workplace safety meetings and consultative activitiesdo not maintain currency of safe work practiceshave not been reflecting on their own levels of stress and fatiguehave not been participating in debriefingdo not know how to respond in emergency situationsare unsure of the relevant health and safety legislation and codes of practice Health Science Science Nursing HLT WHS002 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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