HC 450 Herzing University Week 8 Health Informatics Management Discussion

Unit 8 Discussion – Reflection

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Discussion: Unit 8, Due Tuesday at Noon CT

Unit 8 Discussion – Reflection

Please respond to the following questions based upon these course objectives:

  • Interpret, communicate, and apply current laws, accreditation requirements, and licensure and certification standards related to health information system initiatives.
  • Compare clinical, business, and specialty systems applications used in the HIM field, including knowledge-based applications to meet end-user information requirements.
  • Model the development, selection, implementation and maintenance of healthcare data systems that include customization and procurement using appropriate lifecycle concepts; including electronic health records (EHRs), personal health records (PHRs), public health, and other administrative applications.
  • Apply the concepts of the administration of data, data definitions, data dictionaries, data modeling, data structures, data warehousing, and database management systems.
  • Compare the key aspects of data archival including their benefits and risks, query tools and applications, data mining, report design, and search engine design and development.
  • Develop data security measures and system policies, risk assessment tools and contingency planning that include protection of the integrity and validity of paper-based and computerized information.
  • Differentiate between different communication networks and standards (LAN, VPN, NIST, HL7), and explain various internet technologies and standards (SGML, XML, Intranet/Extranet).

Please answer the following questions with supporting examples and full explanations.

  1. For each of the learning objectives, provide an analysis of how the course supported each objective.
  2. Explain how the material learned in this course, based upon the objectives, will be applicable to the professional application.

Provide evidence (citations and references) to support your statements and opinions. Responses to these questions are due by Tuesday at noon.

All references and citations should in APA format.

There is no peer response required for this discussion, but feel free to discuss these topics with classmates.

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