Here is what the rubric for the essay included. The Topic I am doing is Pres?r?ption Drug addiction. It has to be APA style, and this professor is VERY strict about essay level, paragraph level, and s

Here is what the rubric for the essay included. The Topic I am doing is Pres?r?ption Drug

addiction. It has to be APA style, and this professor is VERY strict about essay level,

paragraph level, and sentence level. If the essay is not structure as he provided below he

grades it poorly. You do not have to worry about the title page I can fill that out, but if you

include the abstract and sources you have used that would be great. 1. Intro: Tell me about

your chosen discipline and present your chosen topic. End with a thesis that tells me who

this problem hurts and who it benefits. 2. Definition/Setup a. Describe your topic: Explain

what your topic is and why it’s a problem for society today. What are some of the ways that

this impacts the world? b. Explain the source: When did this problem begin? What caused it?

Has it gotten better or worse over time? 3. Group 1 – Those the problem hurts a. Explain

who the group is: Explain who this problem impacts most. Pay special attention to people

with differing racial/ethnic identities, socioeconomic classes, gender expressions, sexualities,

religions, ages, political beliefs, etc. Consider which career groups or interest groups would

be most hurt by the problem. Why does the problem affect these groups more than others?

b. Explain how it hurts them: Does it affect them financially/economically? Does it impact

their mental/physical/emotional health and wellness? Does it hurt their social standing? Does

it impact their access to politics/power? Why is this the case? 4. Group 2 – Those who

benefit from the problem a. Explain who the group is: In this section, consider what groups

would benefit from this problem. Why might these groups have something to gain? Consider

all of the same types of groups as above. b. Explain how it benefits them: Why might these

groups want this problem to continue existing? Do they benefit financially/economically? Is

there a social incentive? Do they have anything to gain politically? Would they do anything to

make sure that this problem isn’t solved? Could this problem exist on purpose? Why is this

the case? 5. Outro: Conclude by reinforcing what you’ve said above – tell me who the

biggest victims are and tell me who the biggest beneficiaries are. Do we learn something

interesting about the problem if we compare these two groups? Does this help us

understand why the problem exists in the first place? Or maybe why it hasn’t been solved?

Tips for this Assignment o Spend some time thinking about which discipline you’d like to

explore first and foremost. This may be the field of study you’re currently in, or it could be

something totally new to you. After you’ve selected a discipline, spend some time thinking

about social issues and other newsworthy topics. Late-night shows like Last Week Tonight

with John Oliver can be a great way to get introduced to topics you might not have otherwise

considered. o Your introduction should provide me with some information about the

discipline you’ve chosen (consider mentioning specific majors or careers in your discipline),

and it should briefly cover the topic you’re considering in your paper. Your thesis should tell

me about the victims and the beneficiaries – consider why that might be the case. o As you

write your essay, pay special attention to the outline I’ve given you. Your topic sentences

should make it very clear that you’re following this structure. Answer the questions provided

in each bullet point, and support your ideas with information from outside sources (using

APA to avoid plagiarism of course). o The tone for this assignment is especially important to

consider. You should remain unbiased in how you present your information. You should

choose a topic that resonates with you, and write about it fairly. o You will be able to use this

essay for some of your later assignments, so make sure you take your time with it. Being

lazy now can hurt you when it comes time to do your second paper and even when you start

working on the final research project. This paper must be 4-5 pages long, and it must be

written using APA Style. You must use at least 3 outside sources (one for each section). You

must have a title page, abstract, and references page for this assignment

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