Identifying Your Assumptions

  Identifying Your Assumptions

Your initial post in this discussion has two parts; be sure to address both of them.

First, describe your own assumptions about human nature and behavior,  using the questions below to help clarify your theoretical assumptions.  Next, choose from the schools of thought presented in the multimedia  piece, Introduction to Schools of Psychological Thought. Is there one or  more school of thought that seems to match your own assumptions? How?  Be specific and use the four attributes outlined in this unit’s  Assumptions About Human Behavior discussion to discuss how your personal  theory aligns with a school of thought.

In preparing your response, you may use these questions to help define your existing assumptions: What is the importance of biology? How much animal heritage remains in humans? Are people basically good, bad, or neutral? Is human behavior determined by past events and training, or by genetics? Is there free will? How much influence is exerted by nature and by nurture? How are the mind and body related? What is the relative importance of feelings, thoughts, and actions  in human behavior? How should we go about finding answers to questions  about human beings?

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