If a patient notes “4” on the pain scale, to what type of pain does…

Question If a patient notes “4” on the pain scale, to what type of pain does… If a patient notes “4” on the pain scale, to what type of pain does this correspond?a. Tolerable b. Mildc. Manageabled. Moderate The (blank) period is the amount of time that records must be kept in storage by a medical facility. a. Maintenanceb. Holding c. Retention d. Retainment The ability of separate systems to share information in compatible formats is called?a. Social networking b. Fragmentation c. Populating d. Interoperability Giving two or more patients the same appointment slot with the same provider is called?a. Multiple slotsb. Double-bookingc. No-showd. Wave scheduling Which of the following is not acceptable use of email in the office?a. Emailing office staff regarding procedural changesb. Requesting referrals from one specialist to anotherc. Emailing insurance for authorization approvald. Emailing patients lab results to their home email How can an office reduce the percentage of no-shows visits? a. Scheduling appointments only 1-2 days ahead b. Charging the full office visit no-showsc. Double-booking appointments d. Reminder telephone calls Which of the following is considered unprofessional or personal use of the internet?a. Finding appropriate clinical trials b. Locate testing centers c. Checking personal email d. Printing patient education material Which of the following is not a common duty of the front office assistant?a. Generating patients letters b. Assisting patients to the exam room c. Creating and maintaining the EHR d. Greeting the patients Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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