its a discussion please respond with atleast 150 words A…

Question its a discussion please respond with atleast 150 words A… its a discussion please respond with atleast 150 wordsA 72-year-old client was just admitted to the Emergency Department (ED) by ambulance. The client is widowed and lives home alone. She functions independently and is active in her community. She is treated for hypertension with Losartan 50 mg daily, aspirin 81 mg daily; and metoprolol 25 mg daily. She was talking to her daughter on the telephone when her daughter heard the telephone fall and verbal noises, but no discernable words in the background. The daughter was unable to reestablish contact with her mother. Using another phone, she called 911 to be sent to the client’s home. Upon arrival to the client’s home, the client was found sitting in her chair, listing to the right side. She was responsive to stimuli with eye opening and unintelligible noises but was unable to verbalize. There was a marked flaccidity to her right arm and leg. Vital signs were HR 54 and irregular, BP 193/112, RR 22, T 98.3oF, SaO2 95% on 3L oxygen by nasal cannula. Emergency medical services (EMS) established peripheral intravenous access in the client’s left antecubital space with Normal Saline infusing at 50 mL/hr.Upon arrival to the ED, the client’s assessment remains unchanged. Updated vital signs are HR 55 and irregular, BP 202/114, RR 24, T 98.4oF, SaO2 95% on 3L oxygen by nasal cannula. Following diagnostics, the client was diagnosed with a cerebrovascular accident and is not eligible for the clot-busting drug tPA due to a fall 3 days ago in which the client suffered a laceration to her scalp with a large hematoma.What are the abnormals and their clinical significance?Prioritize the top 3 abnormals.List the 5 most important interventions for the top priority (from question #2) and provide the rationale for each intervention.What are the expected outcomes of each intervention (from question #3)?What are 3 potential complications that could happen with this client?What type of intravenous access device do you anticipate for this client and why?It was decided to maintain the IV access obtained by EMS at this time with continuous IV fluids. List 3 additional considerations that may be required with this IV site?(Opinion question) Several hours following admission to the facility, the nurse notes the left arm is edematous, reddened, tender to touch as evidenced by withdrawal of the arm from touch, and warmth. What is the significance of the assessment, and what interventions should the nurse implement?After a swallow study, the client was found to be unable to swallow without aspiration. The physician orders total parenteral nutrition to be administered to maintain nutritional status. What type of intravenous access device is required for parenteral nutrition?Per the Kansas Nurse Practice Act, what is the LPN allowed to do regarding this type of IV access device (from question #9)? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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