Mark Wilson is being admitted to the private room with a diagnosis…

Question Answered step-by-step Mark Wilson is being admitted to the private room with a diagnosis… Mark Wilson is being admitted to the private room with a diagnosis of Hypertension, Angina Pectoris ruled out by Myocardial Infarction. He is tall, slender, fair complexion and looks younger for his age of 45 years old as claimed by the patient. He is in acute distress. Mr. Wilson says ” I don’t know whey they brought me in the hospital. I guess my wife panicked and called the emergency hotline. I have these pains all of the time, but my doctor said they were from my high blood pressure. I don’t hurt now.”His wife suddenly arrives looking pale and anxious. “I don’t know what to do with him anymore. I work so hard to keep him healthy, but he goes out to that fast food place and eat burgers, fries, and drink colas. I’m so tired of dealing with him when he won’t help himself.” Mr. Wilson grin says, “I just got to have my junk food! That is low fat, salt in my diet my doctor put me on is very impossible.Physical Assessment revealed:BP 210/110MMHG with right arm reclining while 200/108MMHG when left arm recliningPulse 88 beats/min regular and strongRespiratory Rate 16 cycles/min regular with moderately shallowTemperature 36.5 Degree CelsiusApical Pulse of 88 beats /min: strong, heart sound S1 and S2 with no murmur and clicks, but S4 is noted.Evaluation of thorax revealed no heaves or visible pulsation.Neck veins are flat at > 45 degrees and no carotid bruit noted. Skin warm and dry, dark brown with pink nail beds, palm and oral mucous memebranes.Pedal Pulses strong; 1+Ankle edema present Make a table of the Subjective, Objectives Cues, Differentiate the abnormal findings based on the situationDraw inferences or related factors on Mr. Wilsons Acute Distress, and what finding based on the given data shows that Mr. Wilson has Acute DistressFormulate 1 nursing care plan for Mr. Wilson’s condition Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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