Once the PHR has been created, it’s important for the patient to…

Question Answered Once the PHR has been created, it’s important for the patient to… Once the PHR has been created, it’s important for the patient to (blank) the record ?a. Secure b.maintainc. Avoidd.delete The (blank) starts with patient scheduling and continues through collection of payments for services rendered?a. Financial cycleb.payment cyclec.revenue cycled.patient cycle Jake receives a call from the biller at his primary care that he owes $50.00 for his cholesterol testing three months ago. Jake doesn’t have the money to make a payment. After two more months without payments received, the biller should?a.discharge him from the practice b.write off the balance c.send a certified letterd.send him to a collections agency The evaluation and management CPT codes are based on three factors. Which of the following is not a factor?a.medical decision making b.historyc.physical examd.time Unlike the PHR, the patient portal must follow (blank) guidelines?a.NNPb.PHIc.AMAd.HIPAAThe summary of all payments, charges, and adjustments to an account in SCMO is called a ?a.ledger b.superbillc.revenue summaryd.charge slip(blank) is an unintentional deception in which services are inappropriately billed that aren’t medically necessary or don’t meet current standards of care.a.abuseb.misusec.misapplicationd.fraud Within SCMO, the (blank) post payments to the patient ledger, creates patient statement for services, and generates the claim for the health plan.a. Practice management interchange b. Practice management software c. Electronic data interchanged. Reimbursement management software (blank) is a range of money that a guarantor/patient must pay before insurance pays any claim.a. Coinsurance b. Premiumc. Deductible d. Reimbursement Procedure codes must be linked to diagnosis codes in order to demonstrate?a. Medical decision making b. Medical necessity c. Medical standards d. Medical clarity In order to submit claims for services rendered at a clinic visit, at check-in a patient’s (blank) must be checked at every visit. a. Eligibility b. Copayment c. Benefits d. Deductible After the deductible has been met, some health plans use a (blank), which is a percentage split between the guarantor/patient and the health plan for payment of services. a. Coinsurance b. Payment sharec. Dividend d. Copayment Regular and random billing audits are completed to identify?a. Claims denied b. Health plans c. Patient payments d. Poor coding In order to satisfy Stage 2 of meaningful use, (blank) portals have Been created.a. Providerb. Individual c. Patient d. Healthcare Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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