Open the following e-link –

Question Open the following e-link – Answer the following questions. Culture and what it means to you:What are two subcultures that you are engaged in?         Reflective activity:Think about three (3) values you have learnt from your family. Write them down. Then ask yourself:            Do you still hold these values today?Do these values guide your decision-making and how you see the world?Are they something you intend to pass on to your own children?Are they something that affect your practice as a health professional?Think about three (3) customs that you and your family have around events such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings or funerals. Write them down. Then ask yourself:              Are they different from what other people do at these times? Think about your friends, people you work with or people from a different culture. How are they different?   Cultural safety:How does Williams (2003, p3) describe Cultural Safety?Answer:               Outline the three (3) Steps to achieving Cultural Safety:                                     Cultural safety activity: Seduced.Open the resources tabs and click on Resource 2 – Outline the strategies around “shifting control” to enable Indigenous clients to have greater control over their health care:                     Batumbil and Guyulun have developed a concept regarding improving communication.  Fill in the diagram.           What are three ways you can improve your expertise in intercultural communication:          Cultural Safety – Gung Ho.What could Nat do to improve her cross-cultural communication?            What are the 11 principles of working effectively with Australian Indigenous peoples?            c) Summarise Principle 5 – Have an open heart.           LASTLY – take a screen shot of the last page of the learning module, and insert it here   Health Science Science Nursing HOSPITALIT HLT54115 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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