Osteoporosis is commonly found in older women who are: 

Question Answered step-by-step Osteoporosis is commonly found in older women who are: – obese and… Osteoporosis is commonly found in older women who are: – obese and small frame- think and small frame- African American women – hispanic women  Which of the following is considered primary prevention?- Targeted immunization – Services that limit an existing disability – Routine laboratory screening – Rehabilitation The P in the mnemonic EMPOWER is meant to help the clinician remember to: – Document findings properly – Encourage planning for safety and support – Provide information about domestic violence – Refer to program services such as IPV hotlines and shelters What population of women should be screened for signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction? – All women – Older women – Older women, smokers, and women with diabetes – Older women, postpartum women, and women with Down syndrome The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (2015) identifies the menstrual cycle as a vital sign and recommends: – Focus on educating young girls more than parents about what to expect of a first menses – Educate both young girls and male partner about the menstrual cycle process to avoid pregnancy – Educate young girls about the patterns of menstrual cycle and be able to differentiate between normal and abnormal – Avoid asking too many questions about menses it may make the young girl feel uncomfortable  What is the screening recommendation by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for intimate partner violence (IPV)? – Routinely ask all women direct, specific questions about abuse. Refer to community-based services when identified. – There is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against routine screening. – No screening recommendation. – Remain alert for signs of family violence at every patient encounter.  Under what conditions is a rectovaginal examination most useful? – Under all conditions – If screening for colorectal cancer is indicated – If the uterus is anteverted or anteflexed – If the uterus is retroflexed or retroverted Estrogen is the predominant hormone during the first 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle. – Follicular Phase – Midcycle Ovulatory Phase – Luteal Phase – Menstruation Who should be screened regularly for STIs? – Women who engage in same sex relationships with same partner – Women over the age of 21 – Women who are sexually active – Women over the age of 15 What had been a significant problem in medical research well into the 1990s? – The focus on randomized clinical trials over epidemiological investigations – The lack of representation of women in research trials – The lack of research related to gynecology – The focus on randomized clinical trials over observational research What is the leading preventable cause of death across all populations in the United States? – Motor vehicle accidents – Tobacco – Obesity – Alcoholism Which cancer has the highest mortality rate of all gynecological cancers? – Vulvar cancer – Endometrial cancer – Cervical cancer – Ovarian cancer How is being overweight defined on the BMI table? – 18-29.9 – 20-29.9 – 25-29.9 – 30 or greater A key point of A Model of Care Based on a Feminist Perspective is: – Men and women are equal – The role of provider is to provide support, and participate in shared decision-making – The medical care of women should be the same of their male counterparts – The focus of care for women should focus on doing for women Which one of the following statements about intimate partner violence (IPV) during pregnancy is false? – It affects women more than the most serious antepartum complications. – Complications are more the result of trauma than psychological abuse. – IPV is associated with low-birth-weight infants. – Pregnancy can be a time of escalating violence. Alcohol consumption is considered hazardous for a woman who has: – Either 5 or more drinks in one week or 3 per occasion – Either 7 or more drinks in one week or 3 per occasion – Either 9 or more drinks in one week or 4 per occasion – Either 10 or more drinks in one week or 5 per occasion What is the USPSTF recommendation regarding firearms? – Remove from homes with children under the age of 10 – Store in locked compartments – Remove from home, or store unloaded in locked compartments – Remove from private homes In respect to an evidentiary examination: – The patient may not withhold consent if the clinician is a mandated reporter. – The clinician is required to strictly follow local agency protocols, no others. – The time frame within which it must take place depends on local standards. – Maintaining the chain of custody of all evidence collected is recommended, not required. The ________ is probably the most widely used intimate partner violence (IPV) screen. – Hurt, Insult, Threaten, Scream – Campbell’s Danger Assessment (2003) – Sheridan’s HARASS Instrument – Helton’s nine-question AAS If a patient has not reported a sexual assault to law enforcement, all of the following clinician actions are important except: – Asking if reporting is something, she wants to consider – Discussing any fears or concerns that she may have about reporting – Explaining that only some forced sexual contacts are reportable crimes – Telling her that women who report do better psychologically than those who do not Health Science Science Nursing NRNP 6552 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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