Patient:  I.M. Quick, a forty-nine year-old male. 

Question Answered step-by-step Patient Cases                                                  Patient 1: I.M. QuickPatient:  I.M. Quick, a forty-nine year-old male. Admitted with an exacerbation COPD. Patient is alert but slightly confused.                                                Physical Findings: Pulse 120, regular, BP 136/90, temperature 380 C, respirations 24, slightly labored. Breath sounds are decreased in bases with prolonged expiratory phase. Loose, nonproductive cough. Patient has an IV and is in a regular room.                                             Lab Data: pH 7.32, PaCO2 59, HCO3 -32, PaO2 50, SaO2 84%, FiO2 0.21, WBC 11,200 Hgb 13.3, hematocrit 44 Order: O2 via 0.28 Ventui (air entrainment) mask. Would you implement this order as it is written?What would you recommend in its place?Would you add or delete anything from this order? Health Science Science Nursing NSG 201 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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