PLAN needs to be cut down to 20 mins to provide teaching on this…

Question Answered PLAN needs to be cut down to 20 mins to provide teaching on this… PLAN needs to be cut down to 20 mins to provide teaching on this suject and then narrow down to 3 or 4 important points .AND fill out the teaching plan grid blow see attachment Image transcription textLayout References Mailings Review View Help Design Layout 9 Search Body) ~ 11 ~ A A Aa Po U – ab x, X A +DAY AaBbCcDd AaBbCcDd AaBbC( AaBbCct AaB AaBbCCD AuBbCcDd AaBbCCD 1 Normal No Spac..Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle Subtle Em..Emphas Font Paragraph Styles Expected Learning … Show more… Show more   This teaching plan is for school age children in New Haven School Distract. This plan is designed to be total of four sessions. There is no time limit, every group plan can be shortened or lengthened depending on the need of the group. The sessions can vary from hours, each session is about 2-3-hour long which will help allows the children to absorb the material and to ask any questions necessary. The plan will help develop children to manage their nutrition and prevent the problem of unhealthy eating. The children will be provided with free pamphlets and handouts, theses handouts will have covered all the important information that will be taught. Once the plan is completed the evaluation criteria will consists of a test in which the children will sit for at the end of the program. School age children have very comprehensive learning needs. In this plan the learning needs are based on primarily on managing their diet and preventing future complication related to unbalanced diet such as obesity. We would first assess what the children already knows about the diet and nutrient so from than we will able to know their baseline knowledge and from that we can gather what kind of learner example visual versus audio we will need. With that information we can use the best teaching method for them to understand and grasp the concept in that way your teaching would be more effective. The needs for managing the children diet will include healthy eating, planning food, exercise, knowledge of healthy food options, as well as keeping up with their well visits. The overall goal for this plan is to offer these school children with the knowledge to improve their over health and to manage their diets.                                                                                                             Objective In this teaching plan the children will be able to describe what they ensure for their diet and how they properly manage it. The children will demonstrate how they are managing their proper diet and then be able to describe benefit of maintaining their diet as well as defining how exercise is related to their health and diet. With all the knowledge that the children will gain from this they will then be able to track and plan their healthy meal choices. Children should be able to identify healthy and unhealthy meals during their sessions and also how nutrient can be balanced over the course of several meals in a day , Content This plan is targeted in assisting school age children to make healthier choices and change that will encourage health and a good diet. The significance of this plan is to observe these school age children and their food choices and diet. The importance of diet is that for these children it will ensure that they receive all the nutrients for their growth and development. Without a proper diet, children are at risk for bodily and mental weakness, they also are at risk for strains with concentrating and knowledge tasks that will eventually show slower reasoning and behavioral progress. These diets will help these children by bosting their immune system and usually defending them against diseases. Poor diets in children are the main risk factors for key diseases such as obesity.                                                           Materials Needed The materials you will need for this plan are a whiteboard or a computer with internet also a journal/free paper to use as a log to write down everyday food choices or weekly food choices. In the plan there will be groups of children who will interact with one another and exchange ideas related to healthy eating habits. In these sessions there will be breaks where children will have time to have their healthy food choice and have fun activities. Doing this with children will help support their pupils refuel during their break time whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, by having theses breaks will allows these children to increase their physical and mental presentation and attentiveness. Three interventions for this plan would be children eat more fruits and veggies (2) stay active, involving in sports (3) parents to keep up with doctor visits and encourage good sleep patterns. The plan will have total of four days, each class will consist of 2-3 hours of education and group activities. On the first day the children will get a general overview of their diet and their meal plans. Then following day 2, is the first diet monitoring, where children will log in all their meals for the day. Day 3 will consist of observing their balanced diet and consequences of unhealthy food choices. Lastly, day 4 will be diet and physical activities. Evaluation At the end of this project each child will do a return demonstration on what they have gathered from all the four sessions. They then will repeat what they have learned in their arguments and ask questions to see whether there are parts of learning that need strengthening or re-teaching. The final part of this project consists of an exam or to measure mental learning. Documenting the lesions will help for future references, permanency and repetition of teaching. If this plan does work, it will be very hard to keep children on a healthy diet, if they are always eating at fast food restaurants. A child will be a child and will always give into the temptation of junk food.  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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