Question Answered PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS…WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? The nurse in this… PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS…WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?The nurse in this situation is to empathize with the patient and hear their questions or concerns before jumping into educating them information they already know. It is important to assess their health literacy and/or adherence to their diagnosis and medications in order to provide the best interventions for this patient. It is important to educate patients on the importance of taking the prescribed antiretroviral drug therapies by explaining that they help prevent replication of the retroviruses and subsequent progression of the disease and also decrease the risk of perinatal transmission of HIV. Since this medication causes nausea and vomiting, we can provide them with intervention that can help ease this issue. This includes eating small frequent meals, eating dry crackers before getting up from bed, drinking fluids in between meals, using high-protein supplements (Boost, Ensure) to provide quick and easy protein and calories and eating “comfort foods,” which may appeal when other foods do not. It is also helpful to provide written materials such as handouts that describe diet, exercise, medications, and s/s of complications and opportunistic infections. As a nurse, it is important to provide this information every visit to help them retain this information and remember why it is important to take their medication.  Health Science Science Nursing COMMUNITY NR443 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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