Post your response on this discussion 1. Share one thing about the…

Question Answered step-by-step Post your response on this discussion 1. Share one thing about the… Post your response on this discussion1. Share one thing about the class today that you did not know about mental health. Explain. One thing that I learned in class was the different AXIS used to diagnose a patient. There are so many different diagnoses for patients and classifications. 2. Share one thing that you want to know more about. Explain: I would like to learn more about the different structures and functions of the brain that contribute to the different mental health issues. 3.  Identify one thing that surprised you about mental health. Explain your answer.One thing that surprised me is how differently mental health and substance abuse patients are treated. 4. Discuss the difference you found between using therapeutic communication skills and conversational skills. For me, conversational skills are harder than therapeutic communication skills. I personally like to read people’s body language and actively listen to what they are saying. When I first met my husband, he thought that was weird how I communicated. When we went to different marital classes, he started to understand more and he prefers that as well.  5.  Discuss whether or not therapeutic communication was difficult for you? What reaction from the other person did you notice? It was not hard for me to put it into practice at home. My brother found it weird, but my husband liked that I was present and that I showed that I cared. 6.  If you could be two neurotransmitters, which two would you choose and why? I would want to be dopamine because it plays a role in mood regulation. It also plays a role in learning and motivation. I would also want to be serotonin because it also plays a role in regulating mood and helps with sleep.  7.  Name one Mental Health Disorder associated with each of your chosen disorders? Severe depletion of dopamine is associated with ADHD, Parkinson’s, and Schizophrenia. Low serotonin is associated with anxiety and depression.  Health Science Science Nursing NSG 350 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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