Pre class prep assignment for NSG 350Week 2 Chapter 6Psychological…

Question Answered step-by-step Pre class prep assignment for NSG 350Week 2 Chapter 6Psychological… Pre class prep assignment for NSG 350 Week 2 Chapter 6 Psychological Content of Psych Nsg care1. Describe the purpose and the process of a mental status exam MSE. 2. Describe the differences between content and process when conducting a MSE. 3. List all the categories assessed in a MSE and bring the list to class. 4. Review Box 6-3 Thought content descriptors and identify two that you did not know and define those two items. 5. Review Box 6-4- Thought Process Descriptors and identify two that you did not know and define those two items. 6. In your other clinical rotations, have you conducted a MSE on one of your patients? if not would this MSE been helpful for you to assess the patient? Explain. Chapter 7 Social, Cultural, Spiritual Context pg 98 1. Describe what is cultural competency as it pertains to nursing? 2. What is the meaning of stereotyping? can you think of any stereotyping you have observed in nursing? 3. Describe why it is important to perform self assessment before working with a patient. 4. How does or can social stigma associated with mental illness be a barrier for treatment? Ch 8 Legal and Ethical Context pg 110 text book 1. From the ATI book- list at least three civil rights that a person with a mental illness  still retains. 2. What are the different types of commitment to a mental health facility? 3. Can a patient refuse treatment in a mental health facility? Explain your answer. 4. In general, when can and should restraints or seclusion be used?  5. List the different types of restraints and seclusion methods. 6. In what instances should seclusion or restraints not be used? 7. Define what a tort law is and describe two examples. 8. Describe some examples of malpractice by nurses in a mental health setting. Ch 9- Policy and Advocacy MH Care pg 127 1. What MH disorders are listed as  the top 10 according to the WHO?  2. What percentage of the USA has a serious mental illness? 3. What accounts for  the  low percentage of mentally ill people obtaining treatment?  What suggestions do you have to change this dilemma so more people would receive treatment?    ATI Book- Diverse Backgrounds setting-pg 48 No written response needed. Identify the community Based mental health programs and know what each means.   Health Science Science Nursing NSG 350 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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