Privacy and Confidentiality Carl is 88 years old. He retired after…

Question Answered Privacy and Confidentiality Carl is 88 years old. He retired after… Privacy and ConfidentialityCarl is 88 years old. He retired after working for many years as a pilot. He is a World War II veteran. After a fall, he was taken to the emergency room. He is deaf and did not take his hearing aid to the hospital. While he was getting dressed, Carl and his family were told that the fall was due to weakness related to liver cancer. The doctors said he would be asymptomatic for probably three months and he could live for another year. They do not recommend surgery because of the location of the tumor. Carl did not hear this because he was not wearing his hearing aid. His wife, Betty, asked to speak to the clinical team privately. She asked that her husband not know he has liver cancer now. She explained that he has post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTS). For many years he turned to alcohol to cope. He went to the AA and has been mainly sober for the past twenty years. His psychiatrist recommended that a trip to Normandy with his war “buddies” sponsored by the Canadian Veterans Affairs department would help him cope better. His wife predicts that when he finds out he has liver cancer, he will start drinking again, cancel the trip and return to his old habit of blaming everyone for his problems. When he drinks to excess, he is verbally hostile to his wife and son. When sober, he is gentle and considerate.Q . conclusion and action plan on above statement supported by nursing theories ,principles,nursing standards and laws. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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