Respond  Patient care delivery model is the method used to deliver care to patient and it depends on multiple factors such as financial, staffing capability, patient population, organizational mission


Patient care delivery model is the method used to deliver care to patient and it depends on multiple factors such as financial, staffing capability, patient population, organizational mission and philosophy (Motacki & Burke, 2017). The health care delivery system stipulates how care is delivered, coordinated, and the skill sets required. The basic elements of any health care delivery rely on its clinical decision making, work allocation, communication, management, coordination and accountability (Motacki et al., 2017). In my current employer, the nursing care delivery model used is the functional structure. Service and department are arranged based on expertise. Each department functions independently. I would definitely apply the functional structure model at SLMC by incorporating interprofessional collaboration.  As long as there is interprofessional collaboration and effective communication with care coordination among providers I believe any health care delivery model will work.

At SLMC great emphasis is placed on optimizing the quality of life of all those served beyond traditional medical needs rather the whole person.  Not much is mentioned at SLMC about interprofessional collaboration- however at my current employment, interdepartmental consult is placed to other services to address individual needs.  On the units every morning we have the interdisciplinary grand rounds that includes the intensivist, the clinical pharmacist, the dietician, social worker and the in care of the patient.  The patients do not get to participate however, they normally have a family meeting to address needs of patient and their families.  The focus is placed on the individuals and their families and we have been encouraged to do hand-off communication at the bedside so patient can be part of the discussion.  I believe this model support the person-centered nursing framework by McCormack and MCCance (2017).   According to McCormack and MCCance (2017) person centered practice (PCN) is a consensus approach among all healthcare providers to foster a healthful relationship with patients and their family by respecting their values and beliefs.  PCN placed great importance on empowering the individual with education and knowledge to assist with making informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs Bechtold & Fredericks (2014).

Patient-centered care and treating patients as individuals are hallmarks of excellent care by registered nurses (Radwin, Cabral, Seibert, Stolzmann, Meterko, Evans, Barker et al., 2019).  The PCN Framework has four constructs where the provider is providing are has to be aware of self, competent, has great interpersonal skills, and being committed to the job. The Care environment that support sharing decision making through a supportive organizational structure such as shared governance to allow the staff at the frontline to impact care. The person- which values and beliefs are respected and care is provided on a mutual respect- be available to assist with physical needs. The patient satisfaction of the care provided is the expected outcomes where a therapeutic environment is created, pt involve in his/her care, overall, feeling of well-being (McCormack et al., 2017)

I strongly support the use of the person -centered nursing framework because this framework addresses all dimensions of caring which are the four constructs. It depict the quality nurses must demonstrate such as commitment to the profession,  beliefs and values clarification,  a sense of self have great interpersonal skills and professionally competent, combine with an organizational structure that supports share decision making, healthful work environment that address individual physical needs, and promote a therapeutic approach to effectively provide holistic care. The patient perception of quality of care determines his or her satisfaction.  As I previously mentioned, the healthcare professional core values as prerequisites to deliver holistic care approach that acknowledge the needs of the patient and empower the patient with education that would aid in decision making process. As well as working collaboratively with the interprofessional team at all level to engage the patient and family to improve care outcome and staff satisfaction.  Patient -centered care is not limited to the patient, but it also accounts families, and caregivers who are involved.  It provides distinct information about health-care effectiveness, comprising improvement of patient experiences and outcomes and health-care provider satisfaction, while decreasing health-care services utilization and cost (Santana, Manalili, Jolley, Zelinky, Quan, & Lu, 2018).

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