scholarly paper on the topic on interpersonal and personal leadership.

Question scholarly paper on the topic on interpersonal and personal… scholarly paper on the topic on interpersonal and personal leadership.Components of a Scholarly Paper 1. INTRODUCTION: The paper should begin with an introduction to the topic that outlines the purpose and scope of your paper. In outlining the purpose of the paper, you will discuss why it is important to nursing and leadership/management. In outlining the scope, you will identify what your paper will include. Plan about 1-2 paragraphs (half a page) for your introduction. 2. BODY OF PAPER: Identify your own beliefs about and experiences with the issue. If the topic lends itself to comparing or contrasting the topic(s), do so. 3. CONDUCT A SEARCH about the topic, using readings provided with this course, your course textbook, and supplemented with journal articles from a library search.  You may also be able to access journals via hospital libraries in your community. Give yourself sufficient time to gather literature, read it, and reflect upon it. However, please do not use any more than 2 of the 8 required references from your course. You should be exploring and identifying NEW sources of information. 4. SYNTHESIZE THE INFORMATION you have identified into 3-4 pages maximum of discussion. Please use headings to organize your work. This aspect involves summarizing what other scholars have written in a discussion that flows coherently from topic to topic. This section involves essentially ALL referenced ideas. As such, you must indicate the author(s) by putting the last name(s) and publication year in brackets ( ). Remember too that while you may include sources from medicine, psychology, or other disciplines, as a nursing scholar you want to maintain the voice of nursing. You may find it helpful to write about an issue by including an articulation about resources and opportunities as well as problems and challenges. Incorporate highlights from what you have read into the body of the paper to support your discussion. Provide your own ideas and opinions as this paper is not merely a review of the literature. 5. CONCLUSION: Describe what you have learned in the process of writing this paper. Try to draw connections among your nursing issue, the authors’ information, and the future of nursing leadership/management. Plan about 1-2 paragraphs (half a page) for your conclusion.At least 8 references need to be used and referenced within your written paper- with at least five current (last 5 years, unless writing from a historical perspective) articles from scholarly journals and reputable internet sources. 2. APA style citation of references in text of paper and in construction of the reference list. thanks. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 330 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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