Social Psychology A7


Assignment 7 


Throughout  this course we have been discussing social psychology. What we have  seen is that beliefs, judgments, and group influence can have a profound  effect upon individuals and groups. The term project provides the  opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts  covered throughout the course. You are required to utilize the Internet  and libraries to research current literature and information to enhance  your analysis for this project. A  minimum of eight (8) research based references are required. Please  make sure your paper is submitted by the due date to ensure ample time  for mentor feedback, and possible integration of feedback and revision  if necessary. 

Please  consider the Supplemental References and Readings outlined in this  syllabus as possible sources. Write a Final Integrative Research Paper. This paper should be 10-12 pages plus a title and reference page, typewritten, double-spaced, and in APA style.

The course text and other texts and not to be used for this assignment. This is a research-based paper.

Research  statistical analyses of a specific aspect of social psychology. Some  examples include prejudice, persuasion, conformity, gender, friendship  or intimacy. Explain the perspective in-depth and how it affects groups  and individuals. Illustrate an understanding by giving examples from  your own life or clinical practice that supports your research findings.

Integrate a discussion of how you see your research findings as significant to your own life and to your professional work.

This paper is due in Week 7.

       Assignment Outcomes   

Compare and contrast major theorists and the concepts of social perception and social cognition 


Formulate the concepts of group function, social influence, interpersonal conflict, and pro-social behavior


Discriminate and assess the determinants of aggression


Integrate cultural, legal, and ethical issues of social psychology


Analyze some of the major contemporary research trends in social psychology


Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology 

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