Summarize the case scenario in short form? Amira is driving on a…

Question Answered Summarize the case scenario in short form? Amira is driving on a… Summarize the case scenario in short form?Amira is driving on a highway with her male partner, Charlie, and their three-year-old daughter, Samantha. They are hit by a drunk driver in a multi-vehicle accident. Ambulances quickly arrive on the scene, and Amira and Charlie, both seriously injured, are rushed to a nearby hospital in separate ambulances. Samantha, with minor injuries, is taken in another ambulance to a children’s hospital 10 KM away.In the hospital emergency room Charlie’s vital signs are absent. The trauma team tries to resuscitate him, but their efforts fail. Amira, awake in the same hospital’s trauma room, is not aware of her partner’s death. She asks about her family. At the same time, her vital signs deteriorate because she has lost a lot of blood. Her colour is pale and her lips are cyanotic. As a result of the crash, one lung has collapsed, her breathing is labored, and she also has sustained kidney damage. She urgently needs to have surgery. Whether she will survive the surgery is uncertain. If she does survive, she will be in an induced coma for a week to allow her body to heal. Her physical status is unstable, and the nurses and their colleagues fear that any further stress might seriously impair her capacity to survive. She loses consciousness briefly and then suddenly awakes and asks, “How is Charlie?” and “Where is Samantha?” The nurses tell her that Samantha is well and at another hospital. No one on the team wants to answer her Amira’s question about Charlie. They are aware of the risks of telling her now. But they are also afraid that she might die in the operating room without knowing the truth about Charlie.  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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