Summarize the functions of the following: Mouth: Esophagus:…

Question Summarize the functions of the following: Mouth: Esophagus:… Summarize the functions of the following:Mouth: Esophagus: Stomach:Small intestine:Large intestine:Anus:Identify twelve factors that can influence bowel elimination.1.                                7.2.                                8.3.                                9.4.                                10.5.                                11.6.                                12.List four factors that place a patient at risk for constipation. a. b.c.d. Name the two complications associated with diarrhea. a.b. Explain Clostridium difficile infection: Define the following bowel diversions. Stoma: Ileostomy: Colostomy: Priority Decision: What is the most important thing the nurse should do when caring for a patient who has contracted Clostridium difficile? a. Clean the entire room with ammonia. b. Feed the patient yogurt with probiotics.c. Wear gloves and wash hands with soap and water. d. Teach the family to use alcohol-based hand cleaners.Most nutrients and electrolytes are absorbed in the: a. Colon b. Stomach c. Esophagus d. Small intestine After positioning a patient on the bedpan, the nurse should: a. Leave the head of the bed flat. b. Raise the head of the bed 30 degrees. c. Raise the bed to the highest working level.d. Raise the head of the bed to a 90-degree angle.Write a nursing diagnosis for a patient who has just undergone an ostomy procedure. What are your three chief concerns when caring for someone with a new ostomy? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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