Task Your Task is to identify some area of the healthcare arena, as you have experienced it or that you know exists, which suffers from institutionalized bias or racism. As examples: In class we dis

TaskYour Task is to identify some area of the healthcare arena, as you have experienced it or that you know exists, which suffers from institutionalized bias or racism. As examples: In class we discussed how studies have shown that individuals who self-identify as Black or African Americans can have higher levels of creatinine in the blood (on average), compared to people of other races or ethnicities, and how this impacts their eGFR. We talked about how perhaps training should be done to teach personnel who have clients ask non-health care related questions to respond appropriately while still setting boundaries. These were just a couple of considerations we discussed, and there are many other areas where bias or racism exists.

For this paper, you may choose anything from hiring to promotion, to scheduling, to quite literally anything you have noticed where inequities exist. Choose a topic that speaks to you, preferably one which with you have personal experience or observation. If you lack inspiration, you may choose a newspaper of magazine article which addresses a topic.Unpack that topic in a written paper with a minimum of 3 pages double spaced.

Before you start writing your paper, send me the main idea or area you are going to write on: by18 May I want to see your ideas before you Put a lot of effort into understanding a system and write your paper to make sure it is on track with this assignment.

Next you will start writing the paper answer the following questions:

1. What is the area of healthcare where you have observed systemic bias or racism?2. What are some facts and/or statistics that would support the breadth and depth of this problem? (the CDC website is fountain of information start here: https://www.cdc.gov/healthequity/racism-disparities/)3. How did you become aware of this issue?4. Whom does it impact and what are the long -term effects of this problem?5. What potential solution(s) do you see for this?6. What part of the system or society created this problem?7. What systemic changes would have to be made for your intended solution to work?8. Who are the key players who would need to be engaged? On what level of leadership? Is this a short term or a long-term project?

Criteria for Success? 3 pages, double spaced? This is a formal paper. Grammar, syntax, spelling, sentence structure, etc, will matter the same as always. There will be no citations required, however if you have EBP or research to back your idea.

Answer all the questions. Thinking through them will help you see if this change can be made.? Make the paper flow in a logical fashion.? Follow the rubric.

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