Thank you Identify health promotion and disease prevention issues…

Question Thank you Identify health promotion and disease prevention issues… Thank you Identify health promotion and disease prevention issues specific to the age group, gender and nationality stated.Identify barriers to learning for the selected groupDevelop a comprehensive teaching plan for this group after researching scholarly journals on the topic. Include references and indicate if there is any new information or not. Indicate how the information helps the nurse develop a teaching plan for the group selected Include Nursing Interventions Classifications (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC).Must reference at least 2 scholarly journals (one must be a nursing journal). Journals can be no more than 5 years old.Reference rubric below for specific grading informationPaper must be 5pages The following criteria will be used to grade your individual assignment. The grade you receive will account for 5% of your final grade. Keep in mind that the score requirement described under each point on the scale defines the minimum performance that must be demonstrated to achieve that score. Lesser points will be awarded if the elements of each criterion are not met or only partially met:  Diabetes education for African American women- ages 35-50years ( topic) Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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