The note for drug-induced dystonia instructs the coder to? a….

Question Answered step-by-step The note for drug-induced dystonia instructs the coder to? a…. The note for drug-induced dystonia instructs the coder to? a. Assign a T code for dysphasia b. Use an additional code for adverse effect, if applicable c. Add a seventh character to the coded. Cross-reference the assigned code When signs or symptoms are due to a diagnosed condition, the coder should?a. Not report the signs and symptoms separately b. Query the physician for a definitive diagnosisc. remove the secondary diagnosisd. Report the signs and symptoms separately A prying is diagnosed with a biliary tract filling defect. The coder assigns code R83.10. Is this code correct? a. No , R93.2 is the correct code. b. No, R83.8 is the correct code c. Yes, this code is correct d. No, R86.2 is the correct code What’s the I-10 code for type 1 neurofibromatosis? a. Q62.58b. Q85.01 c. Q45.21d. Q74.18A patient is diagnosed with Brodie’s abscess, which is a type of? a. Osteomyelitis b. Arthritis c. Osteitis d. Myelopathy Streptococcal pneumoniae with associated abscess of the lung receives which code?a. J85.1, J13b.J85.1, J15c. J15, J85.1 d. J13, J85.1 Nonrheumatic tricuspid valve stenosis is assigned to which code?a. I36.9b. I36.2 c. I36.1 d. I36.0A patients is diagnosed with probable hypertension during a visit to the physician office. What should the codes do?a. The coder should assign the code for hypertension adjacent to a question mark. b. The coder should pend the chart for auditor review. c. Nothing. The coder should not assign a code d. The coder should assign a coder for hypertension A patient has a history of malignant neoplasm, small intestine. What code should be assigned?a. B38.3b. R29.4c. O92.0d. Z85.068Code category H66.8 instructs the coder to?a. Use H72- for any associated perforated tympanic membrane. b. Use an additional code for an adverse effect of a medicationc. Assign a Z code, if necessary d. Use an additional code for history of tobacco abuse Code Q25.1 would be assigned for?a. Aortic stenosis b. Hypoplastic right heart syndrome. c. Acquires hemophilia d. Prothrombin gene mutationKahler’s disease is a form of?a. Diabetes mellitus b. Cystic fibrosis c. Multiple myeloma d. Hepatosplenomegaly If a patient has a chronic condition that’s treated in a ongoing basis, the coder should?a. Report the condition. As many times as the patient receives care for the condition b. Assign a three- character code rather than a seven- digit code c. Assign the code for the chronic only once d. Report the chronic condition and omit any acute conditions What’s the I-10 code for hypovolemic shock with enterocolitis syndrome, food protein-induced?a. K28.54 b. K52.21, R57.1c. K78.66d. K52.21 What’a the I-10 code for chondrolysis of an unspecified hip?a. M94.359b. M47.623c. M85.222d. M95.224A patients is diagnosed with hypertensive heart disease with congestive heart failure, acute. What code is assigned?a. I11.9, I150.23b. I11.0c. I110.0, I150.21 d. I150.21, I11.0When a patient receives a therapeutic services,a. Resequence secondary chiropractor services, if any b. Report the diagnosis, condition, or reason for the medical visit c. Assign an additional code for chronic pain to support the therapeutic service d. Query the physician to clarify the therapeutic service that was performed Code D00.00 pertains to what type of coding?a. Genitourinary system b. Respiratory system c. Neoplasmd. Digestive system In the outpatient setting, a. A query must always be sent to the physician b. Uncertain diagnoses are reported c. Uncertain diagnoses are listed for malignant neoplasms codes onlyd. Uncertain diagnoses are not reported Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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