Visit Healthy People 2020 website (Link ), then click on “Leading…

Question Answered step-by-step Visit Healthy People 2020 website (Link ), then click on “Leading… Visit Healthy People 2020 website (Link?), then click on “Leading Health Indicators” and select a health indicator.Using your community assessment data for your community/aggregate group, determine where improvements to health could be made. Based on assessment data that you gather, select one health indicator appropriate for your aggregate that is amenable to an intervention. It is recommended that you spend time with your aggregate group so that you can interact with group members (ex. attend at least one aggregate group meeting) to make an informed decision about the selected health topic.Describe the environment, psycho-social and cultural needs of the aggregate group from an epidemiological approach. What are the incidence and prevalence rates of the aggregate group? What is the health status of the aggregate group?Develop and Implement a teaching plan for your selected community/aggregate group.Develop a plan with at least three proposed interventions to assist members of the aggregate to make improvements in one of the identified “Health Indicators” areas.. One of the proposed interventions must be a teaching-learning strategy.Implement the teaching plan for your selected community/aggregate. The teaching-learning plan (maximum of 20 minutes) will include the following elements (use a column format presentation of the material). Learner outcomes are stated in measurable terms.Content is based on projected learner outcomes.Teaching/Learning activities or strategies that would be used including audiovisuals, support materials, and handouts (provide examples). Time Frame: Provide the estimated time required to teach material related to each outcome (must not exceed 20 minutes total).Evaluation: Provide the evaluation method used to measure the outcomes of the teaching/learning interventions. You will comment on the evaluations you received in your reflection wrap up video.Develop an evaluation of your teaching and give to at least two people in yourDetailed as possible Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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