Watch the movie ” Escape Fire” and answer the following questions, health and medicine homework help

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watch a 90 min video then answer the following questions:

Watch the movie ” Escape Fire” and answer the following questions

1) Many individuals describe the US health care system as a disease management system as opposed to a health care system. Do you agree/disagree ? Provide your rationale ( 2.5 points)

2) Discuss the role of pharmaceutical companies and how it influences health policy? ( 2.5 points )

3) The documentary mentions the Dartmouth study. Conduct research over the internet on this study. What were the goals of the Dartmouth study and what were their findings? How would you interpret these findings? ( 2.5 points) – do not limit yourself to watching the film about this study – go beyond (internet search is necessary) ( 2.5 points)

please be spesfic and put deateled answer

APA Citation

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