Week 6 Opioid and Cytokines Discussion

Prompt 1: You are overseeing a study designed to examine the impact of the opioid crisis on children. What kind of evaluation would you budget for and why?

Prompt 2: There are many consequences of the opioid crisis, one of which is the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV. Assess the impact of the opioid crisis on HIV infections. Who is affected and what are the long-term consequences? What policies are in place, if any, to remedy this problem?

Prompt 3:Cytokines are a growing focus in immunology research. Discuss cytokines by answering the following questions, using your textbook and peer-reviewed journal articles to support your statements.

  • What is a cytokine, and how is it produced?
  • What is the role of cytokines in the infectious disease process?
  • What aspect of cytokines do you find especially challenging or do not understand? Pose a question that your instructor or classmates can answer for you.

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