What would you response or feedback be like towards this discussion…

Question Answered step-by-step What would you response or feedback be like towards this discussion… What would you response or feedback be like towards this discussion post.1.Share one thing about the class today that you did not know about mental health. ExplainIn today’s class there were many materials that were new  and interesting to me  but the methods of classification of  mental health disorder using the five Axis were interesting.2. Share one thing that you want to know more about. ExplainI would like to know more about the different types of mental health disorders so that I can  help individuals who are mentally sick better. 3. Identify one thing that surprised you about mental health. Explain your answer. I was surprised that Psych nursing was not recognized as a discipline at the beginning and Psychiatric patients were treated the same as  the medical surgical patients and cared out of kindness and tolerance towards the psych patients. I can’t imagine how frustrating this could be to the patient and family. Thanks to Linda Richards,  Hildegard Peplau and other contributors  Today Psychiatric is a discipline with trained nurses and doctors and mentally sick patients are treated well.4. Practice your therapeutic communication skills this week on friends and colleagues .     Discuss the difference you found between using therapeutic communication skills and   conversational skills.There are many barriers to communication and message may not be delivered as intended. Knowing the different techniques of communication is key to good communication. I have noticed that using the therapeutic communication is very important when communicating not only with patients but also with anyone in our daily life. When using the therapeutic communication, one can open up and willing to verbalize his/her  thoughts. 5. Discuss whether or not therapeutic communication was difficult for you? What reaction from the other person did you notice?Therapeutic communication was not difficult for me. Communication can be difficult as individual might receive a wrong message during a conversation. Throughout the past few years I was able to practice a good therapeutic communication with my patients and good outcome.6. If you could be two neurotransmitters, which two would you choose and why?I would choose melatonin in order to get good sleep  and GABA regulates the anxiety level and would like to stay calm and relaxed during anxious time.7. Name one Mental Health Disorder associated with each of your chosen disorders?    Lack of interest, lethargy  and ADHD is associated with  Norepinephrine. Anxiety disorder is associated with GABA. Health Science Science Nursing NSG 350 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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