What’s your response towards my discussion post Share one thing…

Question Answered step-by-step What’s your response towards my discussion post Share one thing… What’s your response towards my discussion post Share one thing about the class today that you did not know about mental health. ExplainI feel as I learned many things in today’s class, but if I had to pick one thing, I didn’t know about was that undertaking mental health assessment and management does not necessarily mean one is experiencing a mental illness. However, it is meant to define how individuals perceive their environment, and how they address issues in their social setting (Edwards & Burnard, 2003). Besides, mental health management is a mandate for each individual.  Share one thing that you want to know more about. ExplainOne thing I want to know more about is controlling and managing depression. My reasoning is, depression is one of the significant causes of mental health issues. My thought is that every individual experiences depression at one point in life; hence, understanding better ways to manage it will enhance mental health and hopefully allow other individuals to be more accepting of their condition. Identify one thing that surprised you about mental health. Explain your answer. One thing that surprised me about mental health is how each disorder is classified using a multiaxial system. This is used to help plan treatment related to mental health. The axis is classified from 1: clinical disorders, 2: personality disorders, 3: physical or medical conditions, 4: environmental or psychosocial problems, and 5. Global assessment of functioning.Practice your therapeutic communication skills this week on friends and colleagues. Discuss the difference you found between using therapeutic communication skills and conversational skills.Therapeutic communication is more complex than conversational skills. Unlike a normal conversation where one only needs to pass the correct message, in the right way, to get a response, therapeutic conversation demands one to show maximum empathy. It is based on the clients’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which affects mental health(Rosenberg & Gallo-Silver, 2011). Furthermore, it aims to recognize an individual’s needs, and identifying possible solutions. Discuss whether or not therapeutic communication was difficult for you?  What reaction from the other person did you notice?Before attending nursing school, therapeutic communication was difficult for me because I did not establish a strong interpersonal relationship that would provoke deep emotions. Furthermore, the short period for the assessment could not provide sufficient cultural knowledge of an individual. On the other hand, I find that therapeutic communication is becoming easier for me.  As I attempted to use therapeutic communication, I noticed my colleague became shy, as a reaction to questions that relates to emotional and mental status.   If you could be two neurotransmitters, which two would you choose and why?Among the neurotransmitters, I could choose Norepinephrine (NE) and Dopamine (DA) because their insufficiency impacts mental health. Norepinephrine enhances individual capabilities to stay alert and awake. Dopamine facilitates the coordination of movement of body parts. Besides, it increases the stimulation of growth hormones.  Name one Mental Health Disorder associated with each of your chosen disorders?Deficiency of Norepinephrine (NE) neurotransmitters results in mood disorders such as depression and nervousness and affects an individual’s sleeping cycle. Parkinson’s diseases result from Dopamine (DA) deficiency. Dopamine may also result in psychological disorders and schizophrenia.  Health Science Science Nursing NSG 350 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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