Which of the scenarios below is NOT a common situation for an…

Question Answered step-by-step Which of the scenarios below is NOT a common situation for an… Which of the scenarios below is NOT a common situation for an appeal to be used?A provider did not provide adequate documentation for coding to provide a code for billing.A provider disagrees with the insurer’s pre-existing condition decision.A patient has unusual circumstances that affect medical treatment.A provider feels they received a lower reimbursement than was adequate for the service provided.At the beginning of Chapter 10 in the Code Book, there are instructional guidelines that instruct the coder to use an additional code to identify certain histories or conditions. Which of the following does NOT require an additional code based on these Chapter Specific Guidelines?Identify the infectious agent.Identify any lung abscess.Identify if the patient has a history of tobacco dependence.Identify if the patient has a history of being on a ventilator.The CMS-1500 is a universal claim form that was approved by whom?CMSAHAAMAWHOThe total paid by the insurance carrier and communicated to the insured is part of which billing form?ABNChargemasterVBPEOBWhich of the following documents is used if a patient has a service that does not meet Medical Necessity by the insurer to inform the patient?EOBVBPABNCMS-1500The task of proving Medical Necessity is given to the coder only. True FalseCholedocholithiasis is the presence of calculi or stones in what part of the digestive system?Gallbladder and common bile ductGallbladderCommon bile ductCystic ductIf the term obstruction is used in regard to a hernia, it indicates that the hernia is obstructing the movement of another organ. True FalseA billing form that is scanned as paper and put into a computer software EHR is then called an electronic bill/claim. True FalseIn provider documentation, occult blood is the same as a guaiac positive stool result and is considered a sign and symptom and not a definitive diagnosis according to coding guidelines. True False Health Science Science Nursing HIM 1125 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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